70s Soul  Volume 2

70s Soul Volume 2

The Ample Samples™
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Ample Samples ™ presents 70's Soul Volume 2, a curated collection of twenty-four (24) soulful samples. Pulled from analog sources with warm EQs, and sprinkled with a number of timeless rarities from a period that has passed, this pack is uniquely designed for true lovers of sample-based soul. This pack was part of a previous #time2flip series.

Ample Samples™ is a full-service music licensing company. Please contact us if you are interested in being assisted in securing a license or licenses to exploit music found in this or any other set of songs or samples

DISCLAIMER: This sample pack is curated for your ease and review. We do not make any representations, warranties or provide indemnification to the purchaser or users. By utilizing this curated music you accept the risk that you might be exposed to liability if you decide not to secure a license to clear these songs.